Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hate in the Resistance ... My Hate, Your Hate, ... His Hate, Her Hate

Transferences and Countertransferences align like the synchronizers on a modern auto transmission. It's so easy to fall into homologous reaction to angry action; we know that better than most professional communities. Like "Hate in the Countertransference. I apparently disturbed an APA Psychiatrist on Duty to Warn by writing in Trump's nasty style. Truth be told, my year of blogging as Nazi-Schmazi.blogspot.comwas intentionally choosing that style. Counterpunching, so to speak. 

In any case, I wondered before going to sleep, last night, and wrote: <<Is it possible or wishful thinking that Nunes went to Lyin' Ryan and Turtle McCurdle to tell them that there was evidence for high crimes and misdemeanors against Orange Julius who he thus informed? "When you wish upon a star ... Starr?">> Didn't sleep well ... Kept looking over to GuntherDog in his sleep chair to see if he was breathing ... Old Man that he is. Feeling unwell, that is. Gunther did wake up, this morning. ... I just now read responses to that note. Many were angry ... "Lock'em up" kind of responses. ... Some responses universalized the opposition, just as HRC did in her Basket of Deplorables comment or as I did in my Adestes Desplorables Skary Klown videos at Christmas. What my group of MH professionals call an "enactment." ... 

The prayer fpr which Bro. Thomas Merton was best known starts:
"My Lord God, I have no idea where I'm going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so." I don't have Merton's faith with which he ends his psalm: "You will never leave me to face my perils alone."

The resistance -- just consider the Revolutions in USA, France, Russia, China -- works best when it keeps in mind that it always runs the risk of joining or mirroring the pathology it encounters ... always, need I add: "With (Bobby Zimmerman's) God on our side."

Friday, March 17, 2017

Letter to Reps and Senators

The Therapist's Dilemma — A Thought Experiment To Hold One's Tongue (The Goldwater Rule) or to warn, report and prevent — when possible —  damage to others (Tarasoff Rule). The careful skills necessary to balance these is hard to find.  But consider the following analogy.

Imagine some Mr. T. with a certain set of psychic characteristics arrives in my Psychology/Psychoanalysis office, carrying an AR-15 and speaking of not understanding why it shouldn't be used, when necessary (a telling platitude). He's been sent to determine whether he's fit to teach in school or be an executive, to drive a bus or police the streets, to join the Marines or be President of the USA. I notice 6 characteristics and wonder, thereafter … Do I disarm? Do I ignore? Do I report for others to intervene. T won't submit to Psychological Testing but he agrees to talk and I to listen:

  1. T. shows no evidence of understanding in an emotionally empathic way how another feels. In fact, he openly depreciates others. He verbally runs over others and humiliates them in public. He gleefully reports grabbing women and seducing married ones. He says "I'm only getting even. They deserved it and, hey, I won, didn't I?" 

  1. He thinks in Blacks-and-Whites but, beyond the typical in disturbed individuals, he splits the World into those who are with-him (whom he praises) and those who are agin-him (whom he seeks to destroy). He seems incapable of bigotry, except a pragmatic form of bigotry in which he is willing to deprecate anyone who disagrees with him. To be bigoted or racist or sexist, one must feel allegiance to a group; he appears to have no such obvious allegiances.

  1. Mr. T. shows no ability to reflect on his impulses before acting … in person or on-line and offers illogical/off-point answers to straightforward queries. He appears easily overwhelmed by emotions — has rapidly changing moods. 

  1. T. openly talks of a willingness to destroy longstanding organizational or governmental or union structures. He knows better than the experts in fields in which he has no experience and has a coinciding disinterest in learning from others.  Mr. T. and he, alone, knows how to Fix the Problem; and anyone else's interventions are of no apparent value. I was admittedly surprised to hear: "I am the only one who can do it" … especially as he's never done it, before.

  1. He demonstrated an inability to see more than one "not unreasonable" view. In the same meeting, his views flipped on important matters and what made any new attitude acceptable was a "my will be done" syndrome .... "it is important because I said it."  He shows an inability to separate symbol from word and word from action … a characteristic dangerous for one in possession of a pee-shooter, never mind powerful weaponry. 

  1. Till the end of our meeting, T continued to display an incapacity to distinguish the real from the wished for/imagined or, else, a willingness to present distortions of the truth from truth. It didn't matter what story he was telling, my asking for corroboration was met with: "I have my very reliable sources." I had no way to determine whether he was a visionary, a pathological liar or a pragmatic liar (lying to get/keep the job, while ignoring others' well-being).

Thus, speaking as one trained to observe human behavior and recognizing that I cannot offer a definitive diagnosis except "almost certainly unfit to carry a weapon or to leave my office with such a weapon,"  does it seem farfetched to ask the VP, Cabinet and Houses of the Legislature to act on their mandate to protect (for it can be no less than that assigned to the Executive Branch) and to remove the President under our 25th Amendment or, else, to require him to submit to Psych Evaluation. 

Note: Whether President Trump is suffering from Pathological/Malignant Narcissism, Delusional Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or some Hypomanic combination of two or more of these or something else, entirely, is a concern for treatment but not for his fitness to serve as guardian of safety in a dangerous World. 

Elected Officials: Do your job!

Howard Covitz, Psychoanalyst, Psychologist … PA

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fake Hawaiian News Flash from Skary Klown

Donnie ... Mit all the other announcements about wire-tapping and Jeff Sessions telling a whopper to Congress and your misfortunes with the So-called-Courts and Fake News Outlets, we don't hear much about Rex, these days, who has flown off to visit leaders on the other side of the World.

In any case, I have heard that there's a rumor floating about Oahu that Rex wasn't born in Texas. I heard that there are people showing two pictures ... one, clearly of Rex and the other of some guy named Sam. Here they are with Sam on the Left:

Look at the smile ... the nose ... the curiously almond-shaped eyes ... the cut of the shoulders ... the smile-creases and the ridged eyebrows. Sam was a little older in this picture than the contemporary one of Rex, but I can see what they mean ... the reliable sources in Hawaii, that is.

But here's the rub. Sam was born around 1900 in White Russia and ran away from czarist and near-revolutionary Russia in the teens. He got involved in bootlegging during Prohibition and later went legit in the beer wholesaling business. There was talk of him being associated with the mob and having other children, but who knows. I hope to have news and more details in just a couple of weeks. Believe me! I don't want this to be true any more than you do. But were Rex a "Sleeper Agent" for the Russkies, it's important that you know about it as President. You will be pleased to know that Sam passed pretty well as a Jewish guy ... and, himself, appeared to be All American ... American "All the Way"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Depressed? Blue?

Donnie ... everybody is trying to get thru this with you. Sharing some examples.

This doesn't do it for me, Donnie. Having great difficulty living under your Imperial Rule ... my Skary Klown videos work better for me ...

That cheered me up a bit.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I was Just Drivin' My Pohlice Car

So, here goes, again: I was drivin' down Old York Rd in my Poh-lice Cruiser when I saw this man ... funny-lookin' kind-a-guy ... Had an orange tint but was driving his Maybach ... just a little haphazardly ... y'know, a little erratic ... with his window open calling some immigrant-lookin' pedestrians some pretty angry names. I pulled him over. He had a little arsenal of automatic weapons up front and what looked like an RPG launcher on the back seat. I asks'im: "What's with all the weapons, Sir." He says:

"Officer ... I got a license and Montgomery County is Open Carry. Anyhow. It's a pretty dangerous World out there ... lotta immigrants and I think I saw Moslems dancing in Wall Park."

I calls the office ... (back to car) "Sir ... I cannot confirm any disturbance goin' on in Wall Park." "Officer. I saw it myself and I should know because I have a lotta money." He then goes on talkin' trash about people who are different, sayin' that everybody who disagrees with him is a liar and one of them mighta killed a Kennedy and another one should be sent to the Women's Detention Center in Philly. .... Then he tells me it's not raining and it never rains when he's ridin' in his Maybach ... meanwhile, the water's pouring off my Sargent's cap. He starts swearin' at the Township Commissioners and accusing them of bein' stupid. More and more ... any case ... I got choices, eh:

(1) "Sir. Now, you be careful, now, and have a blessed day."
(2) "Sir. I just wanna say that yer car is the Tiger's roar. Can I go fer a ride in your car-car?"
(3) "Sir. I think you might be batshit crazy but I can't be sure, so have a good day."
(4) "Sir. Take me for a ride in your car-car, please, and gimme a good job? ... and we'll forget about all this silliness." Psychoanalyst, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Citizen

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Sixth Reason Herr Drumpf Does Not Belong in Mittenstadt

An open letter to Mortimer and other Psychoanalytic Types:

A 70+ year old psychoanalytic colleague of mine, let's call him Mortimer, wrote: Fusion...Howard...fusion...I am just like him...I am him...I can grab pussy...galore...

Howard to Mortimer ... Take a breath ... we're old men ... we're psychoanalysts ... and anyhow, I just had some so-called procedures on my so-called heart ... I signed a document on discharge (all kinds of puns intended) that I'd grab no pussy for at least a week ... thinking about which ... "who knew what they shaved for such procedures while the patient is in ganz unbewusste?" ... Talk about informed consent! So, as my car License Plate says ... NACHAMU ... chill ... or, as the translators of the Bibble that Handl used for his Messiah would have it: Comfort, Ye. ... Y'know, as in "Comfort, Ye. Co-om-fort, Ye-ee-ee, my Pe-ople, Sayeth your" friend in Philadelphia.

OK ... Now, back to your sense, Big Morty, that Male Voters for Trump "all" saw him as idealized self-images ... C'mon Mort ... You know the biggest analytic secret? We do the least ... the best ... and we describe the least in all its complexities the most. You, I'm confident, signed the oath. "Only three things matter: Complexity, Complexity ... and ... Complexity."

OK, OK ... Howard is landing ... back in atrial fibrillation but cognitively-landing. Yesterday, I suggested, I was up to 5 things that are disqualifying in the Malignant or Pathological Narcissist ... essentially: (1) Narcissism, (2) Splitting, (3) Impulse Disorder, (5) Sense of "Apres Moi la Deluge," and (4) Monomaniacal Simplification. I, however, skipped one of Herr Dokteur Frood's favorites:

(6) The inability to distinguish das Wort Repraesentanz from das Ding Repraesentanz ... the psychic confusion of the Symbolic with the Real (no connection to Lacan or his notions) ... I keep recommending the Schreber Case? I think there and in the Metapsychology Paper on Repression is where he, at length, talks about this phenomenon . ...

What do they vant fum me? I'm jest der Kaiser!
Any case ... President Drumpfinmittenstadt doesn't display that capacity to distinguish Wort fum Ding ... (maybe he's got Varts on his Ding from the Eighties). He's got his Ding, so to speak, confused with an RPG and cannot distinguish his Dong from a Hole in the Ground. Frood's distinction is something like the Difference between the Baby and the Bathwater or the guy who Shoots a Flag-Burner or maybe even a bit like the Pro-Lifer who Kills the Escort outside the Abortion Clinic. He's willing to Destroy all that is American in the name of "Vee mach Amerika Besser" ... rhymes with Fresser, as in eating too much KFC! It's a form the Latinist Elitists on the Coasts call: Pars Pro Toto, that brings me back, Morty, to Pussy Grabbing that the President wishes to enshrine as a Constitutionally Amended Right. "A Chicken in every Pot and Genitals (y'know what they say: whatever grabs you! ... Because I'll support Women's Right to Grab yours, Dr. Mortimer!) in every closed Fist!!! "Yay! Amerika!" ... and the Right to use Howard or Mortimer as a foil ... as in, "foiled, again."
This is America to Me: A Flag, a Statue of Me and an RPG

Addendum (that's Latin for kinda my Obiter Dicta, as in "Mortimer, Dicta-Phone, Sid, uppa you ... " ... well, you know): None of these 6 categories are non-overlapping. ... But all of them apply to either the Prezident or the persona he's chosen to present for his own purposes. As it is not written: A Time for Every Porpoise Under Heaven! So much fun, Morty, to use you as a foil ... ah! "Gotcha ... Foiled, again!"

Wordy Form of Mathematical Addendum

Y'know. For years there was an unsolved problem as to whether a (finite) map ever required more than 4 colors to keep any abutting states from being confused on a representational map by having the same color. Rand-McNally offered increasing prizes for a solution. But that's only true for non-overlapping states. There are undoubtedly dozens of non-mutually-exclusive characteristics that describe what we're witnessing (even DSM/ICD type of descriptive statements) ... For intersecting states, there is no limit to the number of colors required, as there are many, many ways of saying: This guy has no business ... is too oisgephukte ... to be President.
OK, Morty. You say that White Men saw him as an idealized version of themselves ... but just HOW was he chosen? Das ist der Fragge!